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home-rhinotek-magazineRhinotek Entrance Solutions is an automatic door company specializing in sales, service and installation. We provide our customers with a streamlined process where we take customer service to the next level and strive to meet all deadlines.

Automatic doors are useful and popular for use in businesses that have a high volume of patrons being served. Revolving doors, for instance, allow for steady entrance when people are entering or exiting the building, without bringing in the elements of the weather and are tremendously energy efficient. Hotels, apartment buildings, and department stores are fairly well known for using this type of door. Fast-food restaurants, dry cleaning businesses, and some convenience stores offer drive-thru service; grocery stores are famous for automatic doors. The professionals at Rhinotek Entrance Solutions can help you decide what entrance or door is best suitable for your business, and are an excellent source for your commercial door needs. If its as simple as a low energy swing door to help meet minimum code requirements, automatic sliding doors, or high security revolving doors lets us help.

With Rhinotek’s target market being commercial business and construction, it is vital that we offer dependable products and service. One of the most preferred services they offer is a 24/7 customer service line, with highly trained employees ready to assist and serve the client. They also boast a 48 hour response time, guaranteeing communication and timely information about their exceptional sales, service, and maintenance. Contact numbers can be located on Rhinotek’s website, which will enable the client to contact them any time, day or night, in the case of a pressing or dangerous situation. This is the most valuable thing a company can offer, and without it, the business will suffer. Dependability must be beyond question, and Rhinotek is able to offer that to their clients.