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Rhinotek Solutions Inc.
Toll Free 24hr: 1-866-407-9325
Telephone: 905-467-7423

Rhinotek Solutions is the leading automatic door service in the greater Toronto GTA and south western Ontario area specializing in fully automatic doors and swing doors, low energy swing doors, all glass sliding doors automatic sliding doors, automatic industrial doors, automatic cleanroom doors, automatic air doors, and specialty doors such as automatic, manual, and security revolving doors, security doors and portals, security turnstiles, optical lane ways, manual service windows,. Their AAADM certified technicians specialize in the installation and service of makes automatic doors. They’re available to be reached by phone call 24 hours a day for the convenience of their clients, and guarantee their services within 48 hours. They carry a full line of products and services from several providers, such as Tucker Auto-Mation, Boon Edam and Edora to ensure they can offer a client everything they may need.

Rhinotek Entrance Solutions in Toronto can provide services, installation of entrances and other products to access control companies, airports, banks and other types of financial institutions, educational buildings such as schools, colleges, and universities, government buildings, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, industries, jewelry stores, leisure activity buildings, recreation and entertainment buildings, office buildings, ports, harbours, public transport locations, supermarkets, shopping centres, and more.