Bolt Bolt Bolt Bolt Power Door Operators


RHINOTEK offers a versatile, microprocessor controlled swing door oper- ator designed for both low and high energy swing door applications and configurations come in left or right push, left or right pull, or dual configurations. Select the correct RHINO Operator for your application:

ADO 7000 – for door width up to 4″ (120mm) and a maximum weight of 200lb (91kg). Operator can open door up to an opening angle of 110°

RHINO 28K – the same specs as ADO 7000, but has the ability to be non-handed, which means it can be used for any wing direction by flipping it over and/or moving the arm shaft gear and a “Quick Snap” wiring harness to the other side.

ADO 4000 – low energy operator for door width over 4″ (120mm) and weight over 200lg (91kg)

ADO 4800 – for overhead concealed applications for all glass doors

Mechanical Specifications
Power Supply 120v
Power Consumption (amps) Idle –0.066
Opening –0.8 to 3.15
(depends on door)
Holding -0.265
Header Dimensions EZ 7000 4 5/8″ x 6″
4000 6 1/2” x 6 1/2”
Adjustable Speeds & Timers Opening Speed
Closing Speed
Hold Open Time
Standard Selector Switch Functions Automatic
Hold Open
Manual (off)
Standard Control Outputs Malfunction Alarm Signal
Electric Lock Power Supply
24VDC Assessory Power Supply
Door Status
Standard Control Inputs Interior Activation
Exterior Activation
Emergency Shutdown
Key Activation
Alarm Output
“Stop” Safety Device
Safety Device Input
Colour Options Clear Anodized
Code Compliance ANSI/UL 991, 325 &
CAN/CSA 27 Listed